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Column: Continued questions from the desk of Randy SorrelL – Current in Carmel

Posted on: August 22nd, 2017 by

The day after tragedy ten-strikes, you can always kind of feel it in the air. I woke up disoriented, my sticky face pressed against the screen of my iPhone. It buzzed with 14 new texts from concerned family and friends. The fluorescent sunlight was blinding against my sleepy eyes.

DTAG 9 TTRTAG 10 TTOriginally, students had schemed a Resistance Dance Party to detract from the event by creating a space of music and celebration outside the venue. Then, another much larger Facebook event

DTAG 17 TTRTAG 18 TTMy campus is federally and state-funded. My school asphalt is public land. And the fact that my classmates, professors, and administration have been historically liberal makes us all easy targets. Take Trumps senseless threat to defund Berkeley. Appear at Yiannopoulos statement DTAG 18 TTRTAG 19 TTThe students wiping off graffiti

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