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Posted on: August 3rd, 2017 by kenDfw1

A single mommy who expends thousands of pounds on extravagant attires, fake tan and makeup for her seven-year-old daughter, says that she does so to fulfill the child’s dream of becoming famous.

Layla Thompson, who goes by the stage name of Layla Belle, dyes her hair, wears fake eyelashes and saunters around in high heels, despite being so young. Her mom, Jenna Eastland, 31, says that she expends hundreds of pounds a month on spraying tans, extensions and cosmetics for her daughter. IMG 1 TTJenna claims that Layla, who regularly vies in beauty pageantries and dance rivalries, prefers to use and experiment with beauty products rather than play with dolls, like typical seven-year-olds do. She also says that her daughter would rather go out for a meal at Nando’s than play in the park and likes a birthday meal on a barge compared to a regular children’s party.” She’s always wore makeup and dressed up from the age of one. If I left make up she would cover herself in bronzer” tells Jenna.” By the time she was two she was putting on her own mascara. She has always been ripen for her age and loved to pose.” It was apparent from a young age, I’d get my camera out and she would just instantly pose without any inspire. ” She simply wants to be famous and has the mindset of an adult. For her birthday she told me she wanted a barge ride with dinner on the barge. She’s not a normal seven-year-old. She would be a great reality Tv starring .” Unlike most children her age, Layla won’t leave the house without applying makeup and styling her hair. She’s even get her own Instagram, Twitter and Star Now Account- which is a website for dancers, performers and models who are up and coming in industry. Layla couldn’t be anything less like her mommy, who wears little makeup or fake tans and is heavily tattooed IMG 2 TT” Layla simply loves all attention being on her. She loves fake tan, make up, false eyelashes, hair pieces and bling.” She would much instead get clothes or makeup than playthings. It expenditures me a fortune.Dance costumes alone cost thousands.” She only eats the white of eggs because “shes seen” on YouTube its better for you and she likes yoga and ice tea. ” Laylas got a six pack so she loves wearing belly tops and shorts .” However , not everyone agrees with the style Layla seems, and Jenna admits that she does receive quite a bit of abuse from other people who think that she is sexualizing her child. IMG 3 TT” I guess people might think its too young but it’s merely Layla. ” I get abuse all the time telling I’m sexualizing her, but I think that if people think that then there’s something sadly incorrect with them even thinking that about a kid .” Layla is currently being home schooled and has been dancing since the age of five. She was recently selected to represent Durham in Miss British Empire at the end of August and has been offered the chance to represent the UK in two international beauty pageantries in Autumn. IMG 4 TTHer mom believes that Layla was ” born to be something special” and that” she’s bored of real life “. However, there’s no doubt that it is a bit strange to insure a seven-year-old don high heels and makeup. It may be reflective of an age where everything that a young person views is online, so they feel like they have to aspire to the likes of the Kardashians, Jenners and the rest of those social media stars. Still, when I was seven I didn’t even know what a phone was and spent most of my period running around in circles … how periods change, huh? Read more: http :// mom-spends-thousands-pounds-7-year-old-daughter-desperate-become-famous/? all
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