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Limestone, though beautiful, is one of the most porous natural stones available and not usually the best choice for counter tops as they will readily soak up any substances on them. With a strong protective sealant, limestone counters can be beautiful, feeling smooth almost velvet-like stone. It is not unusual to detect small fossils and seashells within the stone’s surface, providing a natural, timeless and earthy decor. The most common use however is for flooring, often with a honed or matte finish. Our most common limestone flooring service request is for polishing. As long as the surface has been well maintained, a simple polish can restore a like new shine to your floors. Some homeowners prefer to have a high gloss finish, which we can easily achieve using our elite diamond polishing service.

We Provide Outstanding Services

If your floors require a more in depth refinishing process, we offer a full array of services including: cleaning, restoration, sealing, chip & crack repair, lippage grinding, grout restoration and polishing. Every home is different and requires individualized care. Our technicians will inspect your floors and prepare an in depth explanation of their findings and recommendations to restore your floors to your desired appearance. There are no hidden fees or unexpected services. We always provide our clients with after service care tips to maximize the lifespan of our services and to help reduce the need of our professional services, saving you money in the long run. There is no need for annual professional service if you follow some easy maintenance tips.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Just as with the counter tops, it is highly recommended to install a protective sealer to your limestone floors to fill in the naturally occurring small holes and pores of the stone. The sealant also helps to repel any spills that may happen on the surface, giving you a valuable time to completely clean the area.

As often as possible, use a dry, clean dust mop, especially in high traffic areas, over your limestone floors to remove dirt, sand and debris. If you prefer to use a vacuum, check the wheels and attachments each time before rolling them over the limestone. These tools can be extremely abrasive, creating scuffs and scratches on your floors. Utilizing non slip area rugs and door mats both inside and out of an all entrances will help minimize the amount of sand, dirt and grit being brought in from the outside.  Many homeowners discover that removing their shoes before walking on their limestone floors works best to prevent scratching. It can take as many as 8 steps before dirt is completely removed from the bottom of a shoe. Avoiding the entrance of these abrasive materials into your home all together will save you time and money. Please take a moment to review more of our care tips.

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