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Very few flooring styles deliver a look of sophistication and style like marble.  This natural stone beauty exudes elegance and surprisingly with less maintenance than most homeowners would expect for such a luxurious surface. Its unmatched beauty is unaccompanied by its strength and endurance. It is one of the stronger stone materials, next to granite. Depending on its application, you can find it gracefully flowing throughout a home as flooring, a breathtaking counter top,  back splash or as a decadent tub surround or vanity. No matter the location, marble is sure to please its occupants and visitors alike.

Starting off as limestone, marble gradually gains it’s characteristic texture and crystal like veins as it slowly transforms to its full potential under just the right conditions. With similarities to limestone in its makeup, it is important to note that marble is also porous and can absorb anything it is exposed to. It is of the utmost importance to maintain the sealant on the marble at all times to avoid staining, scratches and etching. As the sealant wears away over the years, you will begin to notice the lack of luster and shine you may have previously enjoyed.

If you have noticed scratches, etching or stains, it may be time to consult with a professional stone care technician to evaluate the area to determine the best course of action. All of our staff are highly trained in all the current industry best practices for cleaning, repairing, refinishing, polishing and sealing any marble surface in your home. We never perform unnecessary services and always provide an upfront, all cost estimate so you know what to expect, no hidden costs or fees. We also perform a care consultation to provide preventative measures against future damage as well as a proper maintenance regime. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your marble floors will continue to deliver a flawless beauty for many years to come.

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