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Travertine After Cleaning and SealingTravertine is a luxurious stone that offers a beauty and elegance to any home. As with any natural stone surface, great care must be taken to ensure it is maintained properly to maximize its lifetime. Even with the most diligent maintenance and care, every homeowner with natural stone surfaces will eventually require the need for professional care. When the pitting and scratches from everyday wear and tear on those high traffic areas become just too much to bear. Or your counter tops are now freckled with etch marks from daily meal preparations. It is time to enlist the services of a professional stone restoration technician.

Most homes with travertine surfaces require a deep clean before anything else. Even with a thorough home cleaning and maintenance regime, there are just no home cleaning tools available that can match the effectiveness of professional gear. Each home is different, making each service call unique. What works for one household will not work at another. If you have small children and/or pets, you will be looking more for cleaning, honing, sealing and refinishing the floors, while, a home with less activity will often need far less restoration. When we arrive to your home (or business) we will evaluate all your travertine; floors, counters, showers, we can even restore outdoor travertine surfaces! We will discuss your ultimate goal for the finished appearance and will suggest the best restoration and maintenance program for your individualized needs.

Our professional travertine services include: Deep Cleaning, Honing (Refinishing), Polishing & Sealing, Grinding, Re-grout & Repairs.

For more information, please visit our Stone Maintenance & Care Worksheet. This informative care sheet will provided you with excellent information on how to maintain your travertine floors and surfaces, what to avoid, and our recommended care timeline.

If you would like to request a personalized evaluation, price quote or to book your service appointment now, please complete our Request A Quote form. We look forward to restoring your homes natural beauty.

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